Discord: Azuremia#8693

I am a freelance artist and I specialise in anime/manga art.

If you are interested in commissioning me, then please feel free to take a look at my rates.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

Thank you for visiting~

Discord: Azuremia#8693


Hello! My name is Wai-Yen, but my online alias is Azuremia, feel free to call me either. I am currently a games art and design student in the UK, and would like to pursue a career related to drawing in the future.

I like to think of myself as a friendly person, so I hope you will have an enjoyable experience with commissioning me. Feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions.

For more information about how commissioning me works, please see my Terms of Service.

Discord: Azuremia#8693

Commission Information

The prices listed here are base prices, so it will vary depending on the level of detail you are asking for in your commission. I will quote you a price when you have contacted me. Personal commissions are free to negotiate with me on price, but commercial will have to pay full along with the commercial fee.

Prices are in GBP(£) and USD($)


Coloured: £30 GBP --- $41 USD each

Headshot/Bust up

Refined Sketch: £40 GBP --- $55 USD
Coloured sketch: £60 GBP --- $82 USD
Lineart: £80 GBP --- $110 USD
Coloured: £100 GBP --- $137 USD

Half-body/Thigh up

Refined Sketch: £60 GBP --- $82 USD
Coloured sketch: £80 GBP --- $110 USD
Lineart: £100 GBP --- $137 USD
Coloured: £140 GBP --- $192 USD


Refined Sketch: £80 GBP --- $110 USD
Coloured sketch: £100 GBP --- $137 USD
Lineart: £120 GBP --- $165 USD
Coloured: £200 GBP --- $275 USD


Refined Sketch: £50 GBP --- $69 USD
Coloured sketch: £60 GBP--- $82 USD
Coloured headshot: £60 GBP--- $82 USD
Lineart: £80 GBP --- $110 USD
Coloured: £100 GBP --- $137 USD


Normal commissions listed above will come with a solid colour/gradient background free of charge, but if you would like to have more complex background prices, it will be an additional:

Simple: £60 GBP --- $82 USD
Medium: £100 GBP --- $137 USD
Complex: £160 GBP --- $220 USD

Animated Headshot

Prices start at £120 GBP or $165 USD
Only includes blinking, any additional animation will be £10+ each depending on complexity.

VTuber Model

Bust: £500 GBP --- $687 USD
Half-Body: £750 GBP--- $1030 USD
Full-Body: £1000 GBP--- $1374 USD

Only PSD file. Includes 5 expressions of commissioner's choosing.

Expressions: £30 GBP--- $41 USD each

The commercial fee is included in the price.

Design Work

If you do not have a reference or if you would like me to design a character for you, there will be an additional charge and will vary depending on the detail you are asking for.
The additional charge will start at:
£100+ GBP or $137+ USD

Please include as much information as possible, any references will be very helpful!

Commercial Information

If you would like to use my art for commercial services, there will be additional charges.

There are three price tiers:
1x price, not for commercial use.
2x price, same as below but with very visible credits.
3x price, for commerical fee .

Discord: Azuremia#8693

If you would like to commisson me

Please fill this form and contact me in any of the options you are most comfortable with, i prefer discord

If you have multiple characters you will have to fill out one form for each character

Type of the commission: Please see the prices for the typesCommercial?: Yes/NoDetails: How you want it to look, any details about the character such as personality etc any info you deem important, but keep it clear and concise as possible. The most important information.Image Reference(s): If you have none, please see design work under commissions.Extra info: (Pose, expressions, any other thing you'd like me to notice while/before drawing the picture.)PayPal Email: (So I can invoice you)

Terms of Service

By commissioning me/ ordering from me you agree to my Terms of Service and are obligated to follow them.


In the Terms of Service "you" refers to my commissioner/spokesperson and "me" refers to me, Azuremia.

All commissions are made on a "First Come, First Serve" basis.

My prices and Terms of Service may change over time.

Commissioners on the commission list are unaffected by the changes in price and Terms of Service for their current commissions.

Commissioners on the waiting list are unaffected by the changes in price for their current requested spot, as long as they have submitted an order. Without order, they will be charged according to current prices. A changed order or additions too will be charged according to current prices. Additionally, they are affected of changes to the Terms of Service, but informed about such changes.

Personal commissioners are free to negotiate with me on price after I have given a quote, however commercial commissions will have to pay full price.

Art evolves and changes, for the most accurate example of my art, please refer to my commission examples or latest art pieces.

I have the right to decline commissions without having to provide a reason as to why.
I have the right to cancel commissions if my commissioner and I cannot work properly together or they prove to be troublesome, rude or disrespectful in any manner.
They will be refunded according to "Refunds".

When you commission me or ask to be put on my waiting list, your name will be put on my public commission or waiting list. For that, I will use your username or an alias of either your or my choosing. It helps to let you know when your turn is.

Order Process

Please have the full payment ready before you commission me. If commissions are closed or full, you can ask to be put on the waiting list.

Only commission me as an individual. For more information, refer to "Communication"

You may order more than one commission or request more than one spot on the waiting list.

To order a commission, please order through one of the provided methods.

Do not pay before I have confirmed the commission order.

Once the commission is accepted, you will be put on my commission list and will have to wait for your turn. Once it's your turn, you will be notified and an invoice send to you.

If you wish to completely change your order, you may do so at any time before you have paid/I have started working on it.

If I have started working on your commission already and the commission changes completely in either type or content, I can change it but will keep a percentage of the scrapped commission price depending on how far I have progressed on it. You will be required to fill out a new order form and will pay 75% of the current price of the new commission.

If additions are made, such as extra characters, weaponry, items etc and no changes are made to the current process/content, you will be charged for the additions according to the current prices.

If you wish to cancel your order completely, you may do so at any time before you have paid/I have started working on it. Otherwise refer to "Refunds".


My prices are in GBP(£) and USD($). Payment is charged through a PayPal invoice.

You will have to pay the full price upfront when it's your turn.
If you commissioned more than one piece, you will be charged per piece, as each commission is considered separate.

If prefered, you can pay half upfront and the other half when the sketch is completed. Any other plan must be negotiated and agreed by me.

For payment, I will send you an Invoice through PayPal and notify you about it once sent. (The PayPal account must be yours!)

Please pay within 14 days.

If you don't pay within 14 days, your commission will get pushed back to the end of my commission list. The second time, your commission will be cancelled.

I will not start on the rest of your commission before I receive payment.


You are to communicate to me as an individual under the same account, e-mail or means we’ve agreed to.
If you are a group, appoint one spokesperson who is my commissioner and responsible for contacting me.

A change to my commissioner/spokesperson, be it temporarily or permanently, has to be reported personally by my current commissioner/spokesperson. A change is only formally accepted once I have confirmed that I am informed of the change and have agreed.

Under no circumstances am I ever obligated to write, respond or give out information regarding a commission to someone who is not my commissioner/spokesperson without prior information of such change, nor am I to fault for communication failure with someone who is not my commissioner/spokesperson.

You may always write me for any questions, concerns or inquiries you have. I usually respond within 5 days.
Please be polite and do not write to me to rush me!

Should ever the issue occur that you do not respond, your commission will be put on hold and resume once you do respond. If you still do not respond after a year, the commission will be considered cancelled and I may keep the full payment.

Should ever the issue occur that I do not reply to messages, please refer to "Refunds".

Commission Process

Normal Commissions:
Once I start working on your commission, I will send you the sketch, if it is an illustration, you will be provided thumbnails of different compositions. This is your opportunity to point out any large changes or mistakes.

After the sketch is approved by you, I will start finishing the commission. Only smaller changes can be done after sketch stage, I will send WIP messages if I have made progress on your commission unless you request for me not to.

Please note the maximum revisions is 3 large for sketch stage. I normally will not mind doing many small revisions, but if it comes to the point where it becomes unreasonable, I will put my foot down, and anymore changes will be charged, for all commissions and especially design commissions.

Sketch Commissions:
For sketch commissions, I will send you a very quick, rough and simple sketch (eg. pose, expression, base movement of clothing) afterwards I will refine the sketch into your character.

After the finished commission is approved as well, the commission will be sent to you according to "Finished Commission" and your commission marked as completed.

For any changes after the commission is completed, refer to “Changes After Completion”.


Depending on the amount of commissions I take, it may take me a while to start your commission. The time is undetermined but you can check my commission list to see when it's your turn.

If the deadline you require is very soon, you will be charged a rush fee. The amount will depend on the type of commission and when you want the commission done by.

Once it's your turn and I have started on your commission, it usually takes me between a few days to 3 months to complete a commission. This, however, is only to be seen as a rough estimated time and may vary depending on commission type, scale, how fast you have responded to me as well as how many changes/corrections are requested before proceeding. It's all to guarantee that your commission is to your liking.

In case more than one commission was commissioned from the same person, each commission is regarded separate.

Please make sure you are able to communicate regularly and on time. Not meeting a deadline due to failure of you not responding is not an acceptable reason for a refund or chargeback.

Finished Commission

The commissioned piece is a digital good, hence there is no physical good and therefore nothing to be shipped.

You will receive the finished commission as a PNG file unless requested.

The finished commission piece will be sent/ linked to you through email or direct message with a Google Drive link. With that, the commission process will be automatically completed, regardless of whether the said message was viewed or not as long as it was sent. However, please respond to said message to confirm you have received the file to avoid misunderstandings.

Please download your commission! I do clear out my files from time to time and am not responsible for you having forgotten to download it and a commission being lost because of that.

Changes After Completion

After completion of the commission process, I am not obligated to correct or change anything.

However, if you still wish something to be corrected, changed or altered, I can do so but will charge a fee for it. The fee will cost between 10% - 50% (based on inquiry) of the commission price.

I am allowed to refuse if I am unable to make said change or deem it to be too large.

Under no circumstances will I ever redraw a whole commission piece once done.


Tips are never refundable. Percentage always refer to only commission price.

Refund procedures are always done by me, so no chargebacks.

After payment but before I start working on the commission, 90% can be refunded. 10% will be kept as procedure costs to avoid unsure commission orders.

When I start, only 50% will be refunded during sketching stage. Once lineart has started, a refund is not possible anymore. A refund after finishing is never possible.

For sketch commissions, nothing can be refunded once I have started on them.

A cancelled commission, be it cancelled from my side or from the commissioner, may be kept by the commissioner as long as everything has been paid and is according to the Terms of Service, as well as will be used according to the Terms of Service.

Should there ever be the issue or case of me not responding after payment and your commission process still being open, you are entitled for a full refund if following criteria have been met:
Contact was tried to be made personally by my commissioner/spokesperson according to terms. Refer to "Communication" for details.There was at least 3 attempts with each attempt being 5 days apart.Each message left me at least 5 days time to respond to before proceeding.
If all these criteria have been met, please do the following:
Send one final message in which you demand a full refund and wait for 5 days.If I don't respond / fully refund you within that time frame and you did everything according to the Terms of Service, you are allowed to fill a chargeback case against me which will be granted in your favor.
Otherwise, no chargebacks are allowed.
Filing a chargeback case against me after commission is finished or commission order is completed is forbidden.Filing a chargeback case against me for not finishing a commission, while you don't respond hence making me unable to finish, is forbidden.
If you file a chargeback case against me on PayPal against the Terms of Service, you lose the right to everything you ever commissioned or bought from me and I am allowed to resell everything to new customers. You will be put on my blacklist and your name will be publicly posted for others to be aware of the consequences of taking commissions from you.

Should you wish for a refund for a different reason not stated here or have any questions or issues which require a refund, please do write to me! I am always open to talk to and we can try to find a solution together.


I may:
Post or portrait the artwork anywhere I wish (with proper credit to the individual/group to which the artwork belongs)Promote myself with it (example: commission post/s or work examples etc)
You may:
Repost the finished product on social media with proper credit and only use the watermarked version for resposts.Use it for any non-commercial/personal purpose (wallpaper, icon, youtube banner, twitch panels etc if unsure, please contact me).Use it in any non-commercial project/game with proper credit.
You may not:
Use the commission for commercial purposes without permission from me. You will need to pay the commercial fee and the rate varies depending on what you use the piece for.Edit the artwork without permission.Claim the artwork as your own.Make any bases out of it.Use for NFT.
If you want me to wait with uploading till a certain date (example: because it's a present), that can be done as long as you have mentioned this when ordering.